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Bordetella pertussis toxin

This Bordetella pertussis toxin has been developed in response to the increasing pressure on the IVD industry to supply highly specific, cost-effective antibody capture systems, which are needed for monitoring vaccination programmes.  FHA, a major cause of false results, is absent from the preparation. Manufacturing procedures are geared to ensure minimal lot to lot variation. The toxin is offered in lyophilized format for ease of storage and use.

Antigen Type
Product Code
Vial Sizes

Highly purified protein



100μg; 250μg; 500μg;

Typical Certificate of Analysis

Name: Bordetella pertussis toxin (PT)
Product number: PT-TNL-50
Batch: 3T17
Description: Purified pertussis toxin (FHA-free) from B. pertussis strain NC10739/ACTC 9797
Purity: >98% pure by SDS-PAGE; migrates as five distinct bands when run under denaturing polyacrylamide SDS-urea gels.
CHO cell assay: Acceptable minimum concentration at which a clustered growth pattern is observed is 0.03-0.33ng/ml.  This batch demonstrated 0.1ng/ml.
Amount: 50μg
Presentation: Lyophilised
Original concentration: 0.1 mg/ml
Concentration after reconstitution: Reconstitution of one vial with 0.5 ml distilled water will give a solution containing 50μg of pertussis toxin, 0.05M sodium phosphate and 0.5M sodium chloride at pH 7.2.

Shipping: Ambient temperature
Storage: Store at 2-8°C when lyophilised or resuspended. Use within 1 month.