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We really do want to hear what you think of our products and our service. Please contact us with your feedback either by telephone, via the web-site or by e-mail. If you have praise for us we’ll love to hear about it, and if you have a problem we promise to deal with it quickly and effectively.


Customer Thermometer

We use a system called Customer Thermometer on e-mails that we send to our customers, which allows you to click on an icon to provide one step feedback on our performance. You can see the latest results at the bottom of each page. You can even add a comment if you have time!

"The service from the Native Antigen Company over an extended period for several protein expression projects has been exemplary." - Peter Laing, CEO, Excivion Ltd
Thank you for the comprehensive answer. I am impressed of the data that you can provide because many companies have just the specification sheet to offer. Petri
"We are truly thankful for your most kind cooperation. It is a great pleasure working with you. Many thanks also for the file attached, so we can be sure about the exact sequences." - Nina
"Thank you so much for all the useful information! Believe it or not it's actually very refreshing to talk to someone who really knows about the science behind the products, and who is able to give genuine advice on reagents best suited to a given study. I really appreciate your help on this, so really no need to apologise for going into so much detail! I think the CMV-HP reagent would be perfect for us to start with."

- Anya

"Both the service received and the quality of​ products are excellent. Thanks so much for your help with the quote and purchase. Will contact you in the future."

- Wei-Kung

"We have used The Native Antigen Company to develop a number of new ELISA immunoassays for our product portfolio - their expertise, advice and flexible approach has been invaluable to us."

- S.S.

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