Steven Powell, CEO

Dr Steven Powell

Steven graduated in microbiology from the University of Wales and was awarded a PhD from the University of Aberdeen. He has over 25 years operational and investment experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare R&D and his operational experience includes appointments with Beecham Pharmaceuticals (GSK), Whatman, Chiroscience, Celsis, Active Biotech, KS Biomedix and Plethora Solutions. In 2003, he joined Gilde Healthcare, a pan-European life sciences investment fund and remains an adviser to the fund. To date, Steven has co-founded 4 companies of which 2 have been sold and has invested in multiple biotechnology start-up companies.

Nick Roesen, CSO

Dr Nick Roesen

Nick has a PhD in Oncolytic Adenoviruses from the CRC Institute for Cancer
Studies and a degree in Microbiology and Virology from Warwick University. Nick previously worked as a senior scientist at Hybrid BioSystems (now PsiOxus Therapeutics) helping to develop their lead oncolytic virus candidate. With over a decade of experience in Molecular Virology and antigen production Nick co-founded The Native Antigen company with former CEO Andrew Maxwell in 2010.

Andy Lane, Commercial Director

Dr Andy Lane

Andy studied Pathobiology at the University of Reading, and went on to complete a PhD in antibody immunotherapy at the University of Southampton in 1989. He then joined the NHS and introduced flow cytometry analysis for leukaemia diagnosis into the Wessex region whilst leading a monoclonal antibody research group. In 1994 Andy joined Serotec (now part of Bio-Rad) and over 18 years undertook a range of operational and scientific roles within the company, including 4 years as Managing Director, before joining Cambridge based bioconjugation specialists Innova Biosciences as a Director leading their operational and commercial teams. Andy has extensive experience of both in-licensing of technology for product development, and out-licensing of products and technology to commercial partners.

Kerry Fisher, Scientific Advisor to the Board

Kerry fisher

Scientific Founder of Hybrid Biosystems Ltd and current Chief Scientific Officer at PsiOxus Therapeutics. He is a gene delivery specialist working with therapeutic viruses for the treatment of cancer and for vaccination against infectious disease. His areas of interest include pharmacology and medicinal virology, with a particular interest in the modification of viruses for clinical use. Kerry achieved a 1st class undergraduate degree from the University of Aberdeen and completed his PhD in 2001 at the University of Birmingham. Since graduating Kerry has published over 40 articles and won several awards for his work. As well as his role as Scientific Advisor to the Native Antigen Company board, Kerry also holds an academic position as Lecturer at the University of Oxford. where he has authored more than 24 peer-reviewed primary scientific publications and 3 patents.

Peter Dines, Investor & Non Executive director

Peter Dines

As a highly successful entrepreneur and investor, Peter heads up Life Science Investments at Mercia Fund Management. He has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, where during this period, Peter founded Surgi C Group which he grew and sold to a private equity backed company. Other key healthcare positions held include Cisiv, Diagnostic World and Spring Active.

Professor Geoff Hale, Chairman

Geoff Hale

Geoff was part of the team that developed the first humanised antibody (Campath) and worked for 25 years at Cambridge and Oxford to develop and manufacture antibodies for clinical trials. In 2002 Geoff founded BioAnaLab, a service laboratory specialising in the analysis of biologics. In 2009 the company was acquired by Millipore and Geoff continued as Chief Scientist until 2011.

He now works as a freelance scientist, consultant and company director, with interests in the development of antibodies and antigens for research, diagnosis and therapy.