ELISA Assay Development

ELISA assay development at The Native Antigen Company is supported by a team with more than 30 years experience in ELISA assay development.

Our ELISA assay development team works closely with the customer to develop a bespoke service to meet their specific requirements.  Our aim is always to provide a robust  and reproducible assay in agreed timelines, and meeting agreed specifications.  Where relevant we will include the following parameters:-

  • Intra and Inter Assay precision
  • Normal range and diseased sample range analysis
  • Specificity / cross-reactivity with a range of related targets
  • Linearity
  • LOQ/LOD analysis
  • Parallelism studies



The Native Antigen Company difference

We can support you through the development of your ELSIA assay from any stage.  If you already have an antigen and antibodies available we will be pleased to use these to identify the best matched pairs, and to determine their performance in ELISA.

However, if your idea is at a much earlier stage we can prepare your antigens, raise your antibodies, and then use these to develop ELISA assays to meet your requirements.

Using properly folded and glycosylated proteins from our mammalian expression system gives our development team the edge in ELISA assay develoment

Our capabilities
  • Custom antigen production
  • Antibody raising using custom antigen as immunogen (mAbs and pAbs)
  • Antigen/antibody pair optimisation in ELISA
  • Conjugation to enzymes for detection antibodies
  • Plate coating