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Mammalian Cell Protein Production

The Native Antigen Company have developed a proprietary mammalian cell protein production system, based on suspension-adapted HEK 293 cells. With a batch capacity of up to 20L, we are able to perform custom expression projects to produce recombinant proteins with human folding and glycosylation. This system is ideal for:

  • Complex folded and glycosylated proteins
  • Human proteins
  • Viral proteins
  • Cancer antigens

DENV NS1 protein

Purification research can be performed by our experienced purification scientists using our chromatography suite of AKTA machines and analysis assays. Precise Batch Manufacturing Records are then written to control the production of up to 100mg of purified protein under our ISO9001 quality system.

If you would like a quotation for a protein production and purification project using our mammalian cell protein production system, please send an email with details of your project to contact@thenativeantigencompany.com.



Left: SDS-PAGE showing purity and glycosylation of Dengue Virus NS1 protein, expressed and purified using our mammalian cell protein production system.
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