Antibodies from The Native Antigen Company

Antibodies are used in a wide range of research applications and immunodiagnostic assays. The reliability, reproducibility and sensitivity of an antibody is key to the success of any antibody based application and there is an increasing demand for high quality antibodies for both research and diagnostic assay development.

The Native Antigen Company already has an excellent reputation for developing and supplying high quality antigens for use in research and assay development. The Native Antigen Company will continue to apply the same level of commitment towards antibody validation as we develop a range of high quality antibodies recognising virus specific targets.

All antibodies currently available have been rigorously tested against relevant antigens produced by the Native Antigen Company. The product range includes: –

  • Unique humanized IgG and IgM antibodies against Zika virus NS1 that can be used as controls in serological assays, which do not cross react with closely related Dengue virus NS1.

In the pipeline, the Native Antigen Company is developing an antibody range that recognises Zika virus envelope protein at domain III (ZIKV E DIII). Antibodies against ZIKV E DIII will be available as mouse monoclonal antibodies and as recombinant humanized antibodies possessing either IgG or IgM heavy chains.

At the Native Antigen Company we will continue to develop and expand the existing range of high quality, well-characterized antibody reagents against virus specific targets. Please enquire for details of reagents currently available and in the pipeline.