Zika and Usutu Virus NS1 launched

The Native Antigen Company (NAC) announces another world first: the launch of Zika and Usutu Virus NS1 recombinant proteins expressed in our proprietary mammalian cell expression system. Zika and Usutu Virus are emerging pathogens causing increasing concern both in Brazil where a significant Zika outbreak has been occuring since 2014 and in Europe where several cases of neuroinvasive Usutu Virus have been detected. These properly folded and glycosylated novel reagents have been produced in response to the demand from healthcare services in the face of an increase surveillance request published by the WHO in October 2015.

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with lead scientist Dr Holger Hannemann about the launch of Zika and Usutu Virus NS1:

Interviewer – “Doesn’t it get tiring continously releasing world-beating top quality antigens?”

Dr Holger Hannemann – “Not really”

Zika Virus NS1 | Usutu Virus NS1