Zika virus specific antibodies

The zika virus specific antibodies, supplied by The Native Antigen Company, been developed utilising our world-leading mammalian cell expressed recombinant NS1 antigens, ensuring that they effectively recognise native viral NS1.

There are three antibody clones available, which offer researchers and assay developers a range of applications and reactivity profiles:-

• No cross-reactivity with closely related Dengue NS1 antigens

• All Zika virus specific antibodies are effective in direct ELISA

• Reactivity with Zika virus NS1 in patient sera confirmed

• Antibody pairs for development of sandwich assays are available (clone B4 pairs with itself, and with clone D11).

• Clone B4 recognises both recombinant and native Zika virus NS1 in Western blot

Full details on these Zika virus antibodies, including representative data, can be found on the Zika virus antibody product pages. All of these reagents are available in bulk quantities for use in assay development and manufacturing.

The Native Antigen Company supply a range of products to support researchers working with Zika virus proteins including NS1 proteins; Envelope protein and Zika virus VLP.

We hold good stocks of all our antigens to ensure a rapid delivery service worldwide. We like to be in touch with our customers so please drop us a line or give us a call on +44 (0)1865 595230. To place an order, please email order@thenativeantigencompany.com and for further information including price inquiries, bulk preparations and contract services email: contact@thenativeantigencompany.com.

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