Cytomegalovirus purified antigen

Cytomegalovirus purified antigen

Product TypeNative
PurityPurified by ultracentrifugation
Protein Conc.Adjusted to 1 mg/ml (by BCA assay)
Product CodeCMV-HP
Vial Size500μg | 100μg | 1000μg

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Product Description

Cytomegalovirus purified antigen

NAC’s highly pure Cytomegalovirus purified antigen has been manufactured in response to the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry’s requirement for a cost effective antigen which can demonstrate a high affinity IgG and for IgM.

This Cytomegalovirus (CMV) purified antigen when compared to standard lysates reduces the likelihood of cross-reactivity and minimizes lot to lot variation. The product can readily be scaled to meet the need for bulk volumes at significant discounts. Cytomegalovirus purified antigen is offered in a ready to use liquid format.

Presently, CMV infection is mostly controlled in immune compromised patients by available antiviral drugs, yet it continues to maintain its role as one of the most dangerous infectious agents for an unborn infant. Primary infection is consistently associated with the presence of a virus specific IgM antibody response. Use of NAC’s Cytomegalovirus purified antigen will aid in improving serology based assays for early detection.

NAC offers two further antigens in its CMV range: A Cytomegalovirus gH Pentamer Complex comprised of five viral proteins (gH, gL, UL128, UL130, and UL131) targeted at vaccine research, as well as a Cytomegalovirus cell lysate antigen which contains non-structural CMV proteins as well.

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