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Mouse anti Zika Virus Envelope protein antibody (ZV-67)

Product codeMAB12125
Specificity AntibodiesZika virus Envelope protein (DIII domain, LR region)
IsotypeMouse IgG2a
ApplicationsE, Neutralisation
Buffer / preservativePBS pH7.4
Vial size0.2mg
Product CodeMAB12125
Vial Size200μg


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Product Description

Mouse anti Zika virus Envelope protein antibody (ZV-67)

Mouse anti Zika virus Envelope protein recognises the lateral ridge (LR) region on domain DIII of Zika virus envelope protein.   No cross-reactivity has been seen to other members of the flavivirus family.

This antibody has been tested on recombinant Zika virus envelope protein and Zika virus VLPs produced by the Native Antigen Company, and shown to bind effectively to these in direct ELISA. No binding was seen to recombinant Dengue virus envelope protein or VLPs.

The Envelope protein is a major structural protein of Zika virus. It is divided into three domains: a central β-barrel domain (domain I [DI]), an extended dimerization domain (DII), and an immunoglobulin-like segment (DIII) (Dai et al., 2016). The DII domain contains the fusion loop (FL), a hydrophobic sequence that inserts into the host cell endosomal membrane during conformational changes that drive fusion.

Envelope protein is a primary antigenic target of neutralizing antibodies to members of the flavivirus family, which bind epitopes in all three structural domains, with many type-specific protective antibodies recognizing determinants in DIII.



Zhao, H. et al (2016)   Structural basis of Zika virus specific antibody protection.  Cell 166:1016-27

Dai, L. et al (2016)  Structures of the Zika Virus Envelope Protein and Its Complex with a Flavivirus Broadly Protective Antibody. Cell Host and Microbe 19:696-704

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