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MXRA8 recombinant protein – His-tag

AnalyteMXRA8 (DICAM)
Product TypeMammalian recombinant produced in HEK293 cells
Purity>95% pure by SDS-PAGE
Unipro Accession NumberQ9BRK3
Protein Conc.0.1-0.6 mg/ml
Product CodeREC31648
Vial Size100μg | 500ug

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Product Description

Human MXRA8 recombinant protein

MXRA8, also known as DICAM, is a transmembrane adhesion protein that is expressed on the endothelium of many tissues (1).

It has recently been shown that MXRA8 acts as a viral entry receptor for Alpha viruses, including Chikungunya virus, Mayaro virus and O’nyong’nyong virus.  Blocking this interaction with antibodies has been shown to reduce the severity of infection with these viruses in mouse models, and therefore MXRA8 is now receiving attention as a possible therapeutic target.

We are pleased to make available highly purified recombinant MXRA8 produced in our mammalian expression system using HEK293 cells.  Alongside our recombinant alpha virus proteins, this reagent offers an excellent model for studying alpha virus infection.   We have demonstrated that recombinant MXRA8 binds to our recombinant Chikungunya Virus-like particles, mimicking the natural interaction during viral infection, and therefore providing a simple to use in vitro model to assess potential therapeutic molecules that block the virus receptor interaction.

MRXA8 is available in three different forms to provide maximum flexibility to researchers.  We offer a HIS tagged protein, alongside Fc fusion proteins with either mouse or human Fc regions.



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  2. Zhang, R. et al (2018)  Nature 557:570-574

  2019-09-12 Testing the interaction of MXRA8 (His-tag) and Chikungunya VLP