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Lassa Fever Virus Nucleoprotein (NP)

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This product is a recombinant Lassa Fever Virus Nucleoprotein (NP), expressed and purified from E. coli with greater than 90% purity. Manufactured for vaccine research and development of ELISA and rapid test immunoassays.

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SDS-PAGE: Coomassie-stained SDS-PAGE showing purified Lassa fever virus Nucleoprotein.


Lassa Fever Virus Nucleoprotein is a recombinant protein expressed and purified from E. coli.



  • Lassa Fever Virus Nucleoprotein (NP) expressed and purified from E. coli (420 amino acids) with C-terminus 6His-tag.
  • Presented in 25mM Tris-Base, 10mM K2CO3.
  • For use in vaccine R&D and immunoassay development.



Lassa fever virus (LASV) is an Old World member of the Arenaviridae family. It causes Lassa fever (LF), which is an endemic disease in many West African countries causing up to 500,000 infections per year and 5,000 deaths annually in endemic areas. Lassa fever cases have also been reported in travellers returning to America, Europe, Canada, and Japan. There is currently no vaccine for Lassa fever and limited therapy. Lassa fever virus is categorized by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Category A agent, and it can only be handled in biocontainment (BSL-4) facilities (Qi et al., 2018).

Lassa virus genome is comprised of two single-stranded RNA molecules designated small (S) and large (L). Two genes on the S segment encode the nucleoprotein (NP) and two envelope glycoproteins (GP1 and GP2); whereas, the L segment encodes the viral polymerase (L protein) and RING finger Z matrix protein. GP1 serves a putative role in receptor binding, while the structure of GP2 is consistent with viral transmembrane fusion proteins. NP is a virion protein that binds and protects the viral RNA. It may also interact with the Z protein, and with host cell factors to regulate human immune responses to viral infection. X-ray crystallography has determined the structure of NP to 2.36 Å (Qi et al., 2018).

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified LASV as a virus which is likely to cause a future epidemic and it is therefore vital to develop drugs and vaccines against it. This protein is part of a range of LASV reagents developed by the Native Antigen Company to aid the development of new diagnostic tools and vaccines.



  • Qi et al. (2018). Expression and X-ray Structural Determination of the Nucleoprotein of Lassa Fever Virus. Methods Mol Biol. 1604: 179–188.
  • Oti, V.B. (2018). A Reemerging Lassa Virus: Aspects of Its Structure, Replication, Pathogenicity and Diagnosis. DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.79072.

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