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PanBlock ELISA Blocking Buffer

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Blocking Buffer optimised for antigen-down and sandwich ELISA.

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PanBlock is designed for routine antigen-down and sandwich ELISAs and for those with high background problems and for assays that may cross-react with conventional mammalian blocking buffers. The non-mammalian formulation is antigenically foreign to most mammalian immune systems.

PanBlock provides a high degree of blocking efficiency through the use of a heterogeneous mixture of non-mammalian protein blocking agents. It minimizes non-specific binding interactions during the assay to reduce background noise, enhancing the sensitivity of the assay. It also provides a micro-hydrated environment to stabilize the coated protein during long-term storage through improved retention of antigen epitope and antibody binding activity. An antimicrobial component allows for stable blocking of plates at room temperature and for long-term refrigerated storage of the dried plate.

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