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Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgG (H+L) HRP

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Rabbit polyclonal antibody specific for sheep IgG (H L), purified by antigen affinity chromatography, conjugated to Horseradish Peroxidase

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Rabbit anti sheep IgG (H L) HRP (Horseradish peroxidase)

Rabbit anti sheep IgG (H L) HRP is supplied as a purified polyclonal antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Rabbit anti sheep IgG has been purified from the pooled antisera of rabbits hyperimmunised with sheep IgG. The antibody was purified by affinity chromatography on sheep IgG covalently linked to agarose. Rabbit anti sheep IgG (H L) is suitable for use in immunoassay research and development.

Rabbit anti sheep IgG recognises heavy and light chains of sheep IgG. The antibody has not been cross adsorbed and therefore the antibody may react with the immunoglobulins from other species and the light chains of other sheep immunoglobulins.


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