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Lateral Flow Assay development

Lateral Flow assay development at The Native Antigen Company is undertaken by a specialist team, with experience in working on some of the highest volume lateral flow assays in the world.

Our Lateral Flow assay development team works closely with the customer to develop a bespoke service to meet their specific requirements. Our aim is always to provide a robust and reproducible assay in agreed timelines and meeting agreed specifications.

Developing your assay

Why choose a Lateral Flow Device as a diagnostic test?
  • Rapid results in under 15 minutes
  • Affordable for areas where infectious diseases are rife
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Doesn’t require cold chain storage/logistics
  • Doesn’t require complex equipment to use or read
  • Gives ability to triage and treat at Point of Care
Lateral flow immunoassay development

Lateral flow immunoassay development is often considered to be a simple step when an antibody pair has already been identified by ELISA. The reality is often very different. Expertise is required in conjugating antibodies to colloidal gold or latex particles, and in assessing which components of the lateral flow strip (such as conjugate release pads and nitrocellulose membranes) are most suitable for a particular assay. These are steps that rely as much on experience as on technical ability.

In addition, specific equipment is required to undertake LFD development beyond the very earliest stages. This includes dispensing platforms and high quality guillotine cutters to prepare high quality LFD strips.


Our capabilities
  • Custom antigen production
  • Antibody raising using custom antigen as immunogen (mAbs and pAbs)
  • Antigen/antibody pair optimisation in ELISA
  • Initial LFD feasibility studies
  • BioDot XYZ360 platform and Guillotine cutter.
  • Prototype Lateral Flow Device developmen
“Thank you very much. We are very impressed by the presentation of shipping stability study..”

– Ronit

“I enclose our new paper which mentions your NS1 proteins. They work beautifully!”

– Jonas

“Thanks for your prompt reply. It’s also a pleasure doing business with you for me.”

– Zhennan

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