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The Native Antigen Company (NAC) specialises in the R&D and scale up manufacturing of highly pure viral and bacterial native antigens. NAC's antigens are used primarily by pharmaceutical and IVD manufacturers in vaccine research and serology where high specificity and sensitivity are vital. As well as offering antigens from a rapidly expanding portfolio, NAC undertakes bespoke product development and partnering.

Latest Product News

Yellow Fever NS1 from human cell lines

Based on the same platform which created NAC's successful DENV-NS1 protein, the new YFV-NS1 protein will offer a much higher testing fidelity for where multiple flaviviruses exhibit cross-reactivity.

World 1st: Dengue Virus NS1 serotypes from human cell lines

For the first time, all 4 DENV NS1 serotypes have been manufactured in human cells to meet the need for highly purified, concentrated proteins for use in vaccine development and diagnostic assays. Each, offered in its native folded state, possess all post-translational modifications to deliver optimal antigenicity.

C. difficile ribotype 027 and 078 toxins

Highly purified toxins & toxoids of C. difficile ribotypes 027 & 078 are to support the increasing healthcare focus on combating hypervirulent strains.

Highly Purified CMV Native Antigen

Highly purified CMV native antigen satisfies an unmet need for high affinity towards IgG and more importantly, IgM. This new antigen also minimizes cross-reactivity and lot to lot variation.

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