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Here you’ll find the latest news and press releases for The Native Antigen Company.

July 2020: The Native Antigen Company Joins LGC

Today, LGC announced the acquisition of The Native Antigen Company (NAC), one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality infectious disease antigens and antibodies.

NAC is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of critical reagents to the in vitro diagnostic (IVD), pharmaceutical and academic sectors. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of native and recombinant infectious disease antigens and related products including pathogen receptors, virus-like particles and antibodies for use in immunoassay applications, vaccine development and quality control solutions. NAC was one of the first companies globally to offer antigens for SARS-COV-2 and continues to play an important role in supporting the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The acquisition strengthens LGC’s existing product offering to the IVD sector, which includes a range of quality assurance tools, immunoassay reagents and disease state plasma as well as probes and primers for molecular diagnostics. Read more.

Michael Sweatt, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Diagnostics, LGC, said: “NAC is a natural fit with our clinical diagnostics business and will enable us to provide an expanded portfolio of critical reagents to our customers. NAC’s focus on infectious disease is highly complementary with our existing offer to this segment comprising controls, reference materials, MDx tools and other components. We are excited to welcome our new colleagues into our organisation.”

“We are delighted to be joining LGC as an integral part of their fast growing clinical diagnostics business”, said Nick Roesen, COO of NAC, “even more so, we are excited to join such a well-respected organisation that shares our purpose and mission, and that will support our diagnostic customers by providing even more world-leading products and services.”

April 2020: OXGENE and The Native Antigen Company Announce Collaboration to Increase COVID-19 Antigen Production for Diagnostic Kits and Vaccine Development

OXGENE™ and The Native Antigen Company (NAC) today announced a collaboration to accelerate production of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) reagents by combining OXGENE’s proprietary Adenoviral Protein Machine technology with NAC’s antigen development expertise. Together, OXGENE™ and NAC will develop high purity proteins at scale for the urgently-needed development of diagnostics and vaccines.

OXGENE™ and The Native Antigen Company are developing an improved, scalable approach to SARS-CoV-2 reagent manufacture. OXGENE’s Protein Machine technology allows for the scalable production of viral proteins in mammalian cells using their proprietary adenoviral expression vector. Through genetic modification, the adenovirus is ‘tricked’ into making SARS-CoV-2 proteins rather than its own, thus harnessing the innate power of viral protein production. Read more.

Dr Andy Lane, Commercial Director, The Native Antigen Company, said: “We are committed to developing the highest-quality reagents in rapid response to emerging epidemic diseases. Since the start of the crisis, the demand for our COVID-19 antigens has increased significantly, and by scaling up production of these vital reagents in collaboration with OXGENE, we hope to be able to support more researchers in their critical work developing diagnostics and vaccines.”

February 2020: The Native Antigen Company Introduces Novel Coronavirus Antigens

The Native Antigen Company, one of the world’s leading suppliers of reagents that enables research into vaccines and diagnostics for emerging and endemic infectious diseases, today announced the commercial introduction of its Novel Coronavirus antigens, derived from the emerging Wuhan strain (SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19). These recombinant proteins offer scientists high-quality reagents to support ongoing infectious disease research, and the development of diagnostics and vaccines. These antigens have been derived specifically from the newly identified Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) using The Native Antigen Company’s proprietary mammalian, VirtuE expression system. This system is able to introduce proper protein folding and post-translational modifications to recombinant proteins, which are essential for full biological and antigenic activity. Read more.

According to Professor Richard Tedder, Department of Infectious Disease, Imperial College London, this represents a major step forward in efforts to contain the outbreak: “The Native Antigen Company’s Coronavirus antigens could aid the development of accurate serological assays to identify asymptomatic individuals who have been infected by the virus, and help to assess the true level of infection in any population. The availability of these antigens also supports researchers’ efforts to rapidly develop a vaccine against 2019-nCoV by providing vital reagents to measure vaccine responses.”

February 2020: The Native Antigen Company Introduces Antigen and Antibody Conjugation Kits

The Native Antigen Company, one of the world’s leading suppliers of reagents that enables research into vaccines and diagnostics for emerging and endemic infectious diseases, today announced the commercial release of its liquid format conjugation kits. The kits utilise a novel chemistry to generate highly reproducible antigen and antibody conjugates with a range of different labels, including enzymes, fluorochromes and biotin. The Native Antigen Company’s conjugation kits are multi-use, licence-free and fully scalable. These kits sit alongside the company’s existing portfolio of products to provide researchers with the opportunity to prepare stable conjugates, either from The Native Antigen Company’s extensive selection of viral and bacterial reagents or from their own in-house reagents. Read More.

August 2019: The Native Antigen Company Releases Rubella Virus-Like Particles

The Native Antigen Company, one of the world’s leading suppliers of reagents that enable research into vaccine development and diagnostics for emerging and endemic infectious diseases, today announced the release of its Rubella virus-like particles (VLPs) at the 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, CA, USA. The Rubella VLPs are a unique product in its new range of Rubella virus reagents, adding to the Company’s extensive selection of recombinant VLPs that offer researchers a reliable source of high-quality reagents for immunoassay development and manufacturing. Read More.


July 2019: The Native Antigen Company Signs Distribution Agreement with BIOZOL and Shanghai Bioleaf

The Native Antigen Company anounced that it has appointed BIOZOL and Shanghai Bioleaf to distribute its high-quality products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and China, respectively. The appointment of these two distributors will provide researchers in these territories with improved access to The Native Antigen Company’s native and recombinant viral and bacterial antigens, antibodies and immunoassays, supporting cutting-edge research in infectious disease. BIOZOL is one of the leading life-science providers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, offering over 6,000,000 products from different manufacturers including antibodies, proteins, ELISAs, detection kits, biochemicals, small molecules, reagents for protein analysis, products for human and veterinary diagnostics. Shanghai Bioleaf is a leading biotech company that supplies a wide range of the highest quality research reagents and instruments to meet the growing needs of Chinese professionals in the fields of molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and IVD. Read more.

November 2018: The Native Antigen Company Launches New Zika Immunoassays with Unprecedented Specificity and Sensitivity

The Native Antigen Company has launched a series of ground-breaking immunoassays for Zika virus, offering researchers in academia, public health and drug discovery the capability to work with unprecedented levels of specificity and sensitivity. Unlike previous methods, the new assays have little or no cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses, including Dengue, West Nile, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Tick-Borne Encephalitis and Usutu virus. The Zika virus poses a significant global risk and there is currently no vaccine or specific treatment available for those infected. Sensitive and specific diagnostic assays are crucial for enabling effective research, epidemiology and disease management, as well as the development of new vaccines and therapeutics. Read more.

October 2017: Oxford Innovation Scale-Up Award

The Native Antigen Company came 3rd place in the Scale-Up awards. Started by Oxford Innovation as a national competition for science and technology businesses, The Native Antigen Company won the award for its role in developing antigens and immunoassays for the global fight against the spread of Zika virus. Read more.

“We are overjoyed to come third in the Oxford Innovation Scale-up awards. There were many great companies featured at the ceremony, and it is a great honour indeed to be recognised amongst all that talent. I have no doubt that we will be returning to Oxford Innovation for further support and facility space as we continue to grow over the next few years.”

Nick Roesen, 

January 2017: Innovate UK Grant

The Native Antigen Company has won a grant from Innovate UK to produce a new range of antigens for research into the Dengue virus. The company is at the stage of expanding its research expertise to produce antigens for emerging markets which are more challenging to manufacture and have a high impact of improving healthcare. One example of this is Dengue Fever, an infectious tropical disease caused by the Dengue virus. Unless detected early and controlled, the disease may manifest into the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). DHF is now endemic in more than 110 countries and severe forms of the disease carry a mortality of up to 26%. Producing a suitable antigen will, for the first time, offer a simple and cost-effective means of accurately detecting DHF at the community level. The project will exemplify a new platform opportunity for the company and enable us to address other pathogens in the future. Read more.

April 2017: The Native Antigen Company Relocates to Larger Facilities

The Native Antigen Company has relocated to larger facilities in Kidlington, Oxford, with fit-for-purpose laboratories to double the company’s manufacturing and R&D capacity. Read more.

“I am delighted with the new facilities and the increased capacity that they provide”, says Nick Roesen, CSO. “The addition of immunoassay development services will enable our customers to work with us from protein expression through to development of an immunoassay for a specific protein. In providing this new service, we aim to fill the gap between small-scale R&D expression and high-end pharmaceutical-scale good manufacturing practice manufacturing.”

August 2016: NS1 Protein Used to Generate Novel Affirmers Against Zika Virus

The Native Antigen Company has collaborated with Avacta, who have produced three distinct affirmer reagents that are capable of behaving like antibodies to bind Zika NS1. These affirmers are the first published reagents to specifically bind Zika NS1 proteins and could form the basis of new diagnostic immunoassays. The Native Antigen Company’s Zika NS1 was chosen by Avacta as it most closely resembles the native Zika antigen due to the use of a mammalian expression system. Read more.

“The identification of these three Affimer binders using The Native Antigen Company’s Zika NS1 protein means that new diagnostic tests could be developed that have the potential to diagnose a Zika infection from its early stages, and would be suitable for low cost, rapid, point-of-care diagnostics that could be deployed widely in the field.”

Alastair Smith, CEO, Avacta Group

February 2016: First Pure Zika Virus NS1 Protein Developed in Midst of Epidemic

Following the World Health Organization’s recent declaration that the Zika virus epidemic is now a global health emergency, The Native Antigen Company has developed highly pure Zika virus Non-Structural protein 1 (NS1) for ongoing research efforts. This protein can be safely used to test biological reactions in a wide variety of circumstances such as disease diagnosis and vaccine development. There is currently no vaccine for Zika and, due to its structural similarity to Dengue and Chikungunya, it is often very difficult to diagnose. Read more.

“Our Zika virus NS1 protein will be a vital tool in the fight against Zika, allowing laboratories around the globe to research effective methods of diagnosing and vaccinating the disease. We will continue to develop further active reagents, which will be key to international efforts to monitor and control the spread of current and future deadly viruses.”

Steven Powell, CEO

January 2015: Biomedical Catalyst Awards

The Native Antigen Company has been given a grant under the Medical Research Council and Innovate UK, to develop its novel VLP-based mammalian expression system for vaccine development. Read more.

October 2013: World’s First Mammalian-Expressed Dengue Virus NS1 Proteins Launched

The Native Antigen Company has released its first Dengue virus NS1 proteins, manufactured in response to the unmet need for a highly purified, concentrated protein for use in vaccine development and serological based diagnostic assays. To achieve this, The Native Antigen Company employed its novel VirTuETM platform which is based entirely on human cell lines using state-of-the-art expression techniques. The resultant DENV (1-4) NS1 proteins are highly pure, are in their native folding state, and possess all post-translational modifications found in native NS1 proteins. Read more.

October 2011: Recombinant Bordetella pertussis Toxin Launched

The Native Antigen Company has launched a highly purified Bordetella pertussis toxin – developed in response to a need from the in vitro diagnostics industry for highly specific, cost-effective antibody capture systems, which are needed to monitor vaccination programmes. Read more.

November 2010: The Native Antigen Company is Established

The Native Antigen Company was formed as a spin out from PsiOxus (formerly Hybrid BioSystems). Headquartered in Birmingham, with research offices in Oxford, The Native Antigen Company has expertise in the isolation and purification of both viral and bacterial native antigens. These antigens serve as key components for infectious disease testing kits – their function being to accurately detect pathogenic infection by capturing antibodies in patient samples

The company also offers adenovirus purification and production capabilities and a screening service for anticancer and antiviral drug compounds. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for the development, manufacture, and sale of native antigens as of November 2010. The company will specialise in manufacturing of native antigens but also offers a range of products and purities, from cell lysates to gradient purified pathogens, for a range of organisms. These include adenovirus types 3, 5, 11, 12, and type 5 hexon protein along with astrovirus type 1, Chlamydia trachomatis, HSV types 1 and 2, Neisseria gonorrhea, and Trichomonas vaginalisMycoplasma pneumonia products are in development.

“Most antigens used in current diagnostic kits are not native and can thus lack the specificity and sensitivity which we offer with our native antigens,” says Andrew Mawell (CEO). “Industry has become reliant on recombinant antigens in part due to perceived cost savings and ease of manufacture. There is a clear gap for an innovative company that can focus its expertise in the isolation and purification of native antigens and is prepared to work closely with the kit manufacturers to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions.” Read more.

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