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Our Distributors

We are pleased to partner with a number of specialist life sciences distributors around the world to make it as easy as possible to obtain our products wherever you are.

Please see below for details of authorised distributors in your region. If you don’t see anyone for your country don’t worry – we can ship direct to you anywhere around the world!


Europe’s Fastest Growing Life Science Distributor.

Specialist in Antibodies, Proteins, PCR, IHC and ELISA kits. 2B Scientific is re-inventing the supply of immunological reagents and kits to the European market.

Tel: +44 1869-238033

Email: info@2BScientific.com



BioNovus is a well respected supplier of life sciences reagents throughout Australia. They have extensive experience in bringing high quality products into the Australian market, with expertise in product logistics and technical support.

Tel: +61 2 9484 0931

Email: info@bionovuslifesciences.com.au



Cedarlane is one of North America’s leading suppliers of Life Science Reagents, with more than 25 years of experience of bringing products to researchers from a wide range of suppliers worldwide.

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Tel: +1 800 721 1644

Email: service@cedarlanelabs.com



Fil-Anaserve Inc. is a Filipino-owned company with fully trained and experienced field personnel in technical sales and after-sales-support of Analytical and Life Science Instrumentation and Consumables.


Tel: (632) 441 04 30

Email: sales@fil-anaserve.com


Afirmus Biosource

Afirmus Biosource specializes in sourcing and distributing top quality laboratory and clinical research reagents to the biomedical and biotechnology community in Singapore. We focus primarily on specialized and custom made products including proteins, antibodies, ELISA kits and cell culture reagents.

Tel: +65 8163 7412 / 6604 6872

Email: enquiry@afirmus.com


Kim & Friends

Kim & Friends are a leading distributor of life science products in Korea, who will provide excellent customer service and product support

Tel:+82 2 2647 6611

Email: kimnfriends@hanmail.net


Lab Research

Our main goal is to support the work of researchers. The company, which is headquartered in the US, operates widely in Latin America. In Brazil, it has units accredited by Anvisa- National Health Surveillance Agency – in Minas Gerais and São Paulo. We are a reference in the sale and import of products, inputs and technology to support research. The company maintains a network of collaborators able to supply with quality and speed the national and international market.

Tel:+1 305-761-1171(USA) +55 11-3991-9033(Brazil)

Email: info@labresearch.com.br



Leadgene Biomedical, Inc. is based on the protein and monoclonal antibody development platform and other extensive biotechnology systems. We focus on the antibody, related reagents, and application platforms for not only academic research use but also in vitro diagnostics. We develop and offer high-quality products and technical service based on our mature and stable platform and experiences. Our goal is to satisfy all our clients and benefit the world.

Tel: +88 6-6-5052959

Email: info@leadgene.com.tw



NuLife Consultants & Distributors (Pvt.) Ltd. representing the major suppliers of various consumables and Instruments in the field of Biotechnology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Life Science, Health-Care, along with many more Biochemicals and Chemicals. NuLife Consultants & Distributors (Pvt.) Ltd takes pride on its commitment provided to its clients mostly in the field of Research and Development industry of Biological Sciences.

Tel: +91 11 4611 2691

Email: sales@nulife.in



It is the mission of ViroQuest to become a Total Supplier, ranging from import to supply, thereby focusing on:
– supporting Japanese researchers through communication with manufacturers all around the world
– providing market research and updated information of the latest products
– acting as a fast and inexpensive supplier of imported reagents products.

Tel: +81-6-6152-9940

Email: info@viroquest.co.jp



With well over 6,000,000 products from different manufacturers (antibodies, proteins, ELISAs, detection kits, biochemicals, “small molecules”, reagents for protein analysis, products for human and veterinary diagnostics and many more), Biozol are one of the most efficient providers in Germany. Our product and service portfolio is being updated constantly and adapted to your requirements.

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+49 (0)89 3799666-6

Email: info@biozol.de



Bioleaf is a leading biotech company that manufactures and sells the highest quality research, reagents and instruments. In collaboration with top level business partners in the fields of molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and IVD we supply the most advanced service with a wide range of products to meet the growing needs of Chinese professionals.

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Email: info@bioleaf.com


Davies Diagnostics

Since its founding in 1983, Davies Diagnostics have expanded by introducing new products and technology into the microbiology, haematology, immunology, serology, veterinary and general laboratory markets. From South Africa, Davies Diagnostics also deals directly with neighbouring states such as Swaziland, Lesotho. We also export to other Southern African countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.


Flag of South Africa - Wikipedia

Tel: +27 11 777 7600


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