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Reference guides, brochures and protocols

We have a range of supporting information to help you find exactly what you need, along with key publications relating to our key products and services.

Dengue VLP paper

Our Dengue VLPs have been extensively characterized in this publication by Metz et al (2018)

Dengue NS1 paper

Our Dengue NS1 proteins are shown to be functionally active in this publication by Glasner et al (2017)

Ebola VLP white paper

An in depth study and analysis of our Ebola virus-like particles, including electron microscopy images.

The history of CMV vaccines

Development of vaccines to prevent CMV has been a complex story – read about the role of CMV pentamer here

Dengue NS1 lipoprotein interaction

We demonstrate the importance of culture conditions on preparing truly pure NS1 proteins

Diphtheria toxin activation in vitro

In certain experimental systems diphtheria toxin requires activation before use, as described in this protocol.

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