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Welcome to The Native Antigen Company

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Antigens, Antibodies, Immunoassays


We specialise in the development and manufacture of antigens, antibodies and immunoassays for viral and bacterial pathogens. We produce both native and recombinant antigens using our proprietary mammalian system and have decades of experience in bulk and scale production.

Custom and Contract Research Services


We can undertake custom projects to manufacture antigens and other proteins, prepare antibodies and develop immunoassays to support your R&D. Our development laboratories are fully staffed by a team of PhD molecular biologists and development scientists who are able to execute projects as short as a few days, through to long-term programmes of a year or more.

MXRA8 Receptor

New Immunofluorescence Data for our Flavivirus Antibodies

We recently teamed-up with Virology Research Services  to test a large panel of our Zika and Dengue antibodies in immunofluorescence applications. This work was funded by the Medical Research Council aimed at improving the utilisation of the available immunofluorescence resources.

Zika Immunoassay Kit

Zika Total Antibody Immunoassay

Our new ELISA assay is a novel format for detecting serological responses to Zika, with excellent specificity and sensitivity. With an assay time of less than 2 hours, our kit is also appropriate for rapid use. This Zika assay is suitable for measuring responses in any species, making it an ideal choice for animal model studies.

Mammalian-Expressed Proteins

Dengue NS1s, VLPs and Antibodies

The Native Antigen Company offer an extensive range of Dengue virus proteins, prepared in our mammalian cell expression system. Our antigens and antibodies are used by leading IVD and pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing and R&D.

About The Native Antigen Company

The Native Antigen Company specialises in the development and manufacture of both native and recombinant antigens, antibodies and immunoassays for viruses and bacteria. Our antigens are used by leading pharmaceutical companies and IVD manufacturers in cutting-edge vaccine research and serology where proper folding and glycosylation are vital. As well as offering antigens from a rapidly expanding portfolio, we are increasing our range of highly specific antibodies and ELISA immunoassays. Our expertise is also available to customers on a contract basis for those needing custom protein manufacture in our proprietary mammalian cell protein expression system, together with antibody and immunoassay development.

Zika Prevalence in Suriname – an insight into assay cross-reactivity

A recent study published by Langerak et al tested for the seroprevalence of Zika virus in Suriname populations and evaluated the comparative effectiveness of using a commercial ELISA and a standard Virus Neutralisation Assay. Here we discuss the study, its results,...

What should you call your favourite virus?

The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) meet regularly to ensure the taxonomy of viruses is kept logical and up-to-date in the face of an ever-increasing number of new viruses and genome sequences; discussed in here in Nature. This sometimes results...

Overcoming Zika-Dengue cross-reactivity: the highly specific immunoassays your lab needs

In the global battle against Zika virus, serological cross-reactivity with Dengue is a major challenge for academics, epidemiologists and pharmaceutical companies alike. Novel immunoassays can now overcome this problem and could prove a real game-changer in Zika...

The Right Tools for Rubella

Rubella remains a significant pathogen worldwide, with 100,000 cases of congenital rubella syndrome estimated to occur every year. Vaccines to Rubella are highly safe and have effectively eliminated endemic infection in many developed countries, yet inadequate...

Visualising viral infection with immunofluorescence microscopy

Following the latest immunofluoresence data for our Zika and Dengue antibodies, we’ve invited VRS to write a short blog one of their areas of expertise: The applications of immunofluorescence microscopy in studying viruses.   A lot of what we know about biology...

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