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Our product range is developed directly from our expertise in preparing reagents for application in infectious disease research and development, including use in the manufacturing of immunoassays in the IVD sector, and for vaccine research in the pharmaceutical sector.


The Native Antigen Company produces infectious disease antigens from a range of established and emerging viral, bacterial and protozoal diseases. We provide both native and recombinant antigens produced using our mammalian expression system. Our antigens are suitable for use in vaccine R&D, as components for serological based diagnostic assays and for fundamental research into infectious diseases. We have decades of experience in providing bulk and customised formats for industry.


We are working to develop the world’s most extensive range of antibodies for infectious disease targets, with a rapidly expanding range. Our range includes a unique panel of highly specific antibodies for flavivirus NS1 proteins, including serotype-specific reagents for Dengue and human chimeric antibodies to Zika NS1. Check-in regularly to see the latest additions.


Our immunoassays for Zika virus are the most specific and sensitive available on the market. We have assays to detect the serological response to infection, and also to measure levels of Zika NS1 protein during infection. Further immunoassays are in development, so please check back regularly for updates.

Accessory Reagents

We offer a range of accessory reagents to support the use of our antigens and antibodies, including secondary antibodies and isotype control antibodies.

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