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Our Mission and Values

Pandemic Preparedness

In late 2019, SARS-CoV-2 emerged in mainland China, before rapidly spreading around the globe. The novel coronavirus has since resulted in over 200 million cases, 4 million deaths and a marked decrease in the international quality of life.

With previous experience in rapidly responding to emergent viral pathogens, such as Zika and Ebola, The Native Antigen Company was well positioned to respond, being the first company in the world to provide commercially-available S1 and S2 Spike antigens for SARS-CoV-2 — just 35 days after the genome’s publication. We have since developed an extensive range of antigens, antibodies, receptors, and neutralisation kits to support fundamental research and the development of diagnostics and vaccines.

Contrary to popular belief, COVID-19 was not an anomaly. Our interconnected world has made us more vulnerable than ever to the emergence and spread of novel pathogens, with urbanisation, deforestation, intensive agriculture, livestock rearing, climate change, and globalisation presenting countless opportunities for spill-over events. Indeed, the WHO has long warned of the potential for a pandemic caused by “Disease X,” for which COVID-19 recently took the mantle.

To support pandemic preparedness across the life science, pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic industries, we are continuing to develop our development, expression, purification, scale-up and analysis capabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the global burden of infectious disease by developing the highest-quality disease reagents in response to emerging public health threats.

We understand that agility matters, maintaining strong relationships with industry and academia to maximise our responsiveness and ensure a reliable and excellent service.

In addition to our growing portfolio of infectious disease reagents, we are also continuing to expand our service offerings for research and development across human health, working closely with our partners within LGC.

Ethical & Sustainable

We are proud of the fact that all of our electricity is from 100% supplied by Ecotricity as renewable sources. They even provide us with a certificate to confirm these credentials.

All of our packaging is recyclable, so please consider the environment when unpacking your deliveries from us!

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