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Infection with Nipah Virus (NiV) was first recognised in Malaysia 1998/1999, where a major outbreak occurred in pigs and humans. NiV infection is now endemic in South Asia and several outbreaks of NiV infection have been reported in India and Bangladesh. Currently an outbreak in Kerala, India has resulted in 11 deaths. The symptoms of Nipah virus infection in humans are severe, and the disease can be fatal in a high percentage of cases.

In 2015, the World Health Organization highlighted NiV infection as an emerging disease requiring accelerated R&D to advance in vitro diagnostic development, vaccine design and therapeutics. In response to this The Native Antigen Company are pleased to announce the release of the world’s only mammalian expressed Nipah Virus antigens to support wok in vaccine research and immunodiagnostic development.

Nipah Virus Glycoprotein F and Glycoprotein G are available with a choice of mouse or human Fc-tags. These antigens may be of value in assay development or vaccine R&D. Full details are available on our website.