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The Native Antigen Company’s assay development team has many years of experience in developing high quality assays for infectious disease and other research applications. With our wealth of experience, we offer end-to-end bespoke development with communication at every step to ensure our clients get the high quality assays they need.

Our assay development capabilities

Depending on the application, we advise on assay design and can test multiple different ELISA formats, including simple direct ELISAs, sandwich ELISAs, complex ELISAs incorporating blocking antigens and double antigen binding ELISAs. Not only do clients benefit from consultancy with our senior assay development scientists, but can also benefit from our in house expertise in protein and antibody production.

Our in-house mammalian cell expression systems can be used to produce proteins with full glycosylation and proper folding to serve as the highest quality antigens, both for use within the ELISAs and if required, to prepare high quality antibodies. Together, these unique reagents can be exactly what you need to give your ELISA the edge.

Our assay development capabilities include:


  • ELISA design and format consultancy
  • Custom antigen and antibody production
  • Raising antibodies using custom immunogens (mAbs and pAbs)
  • Antigen-antibody pair optimisation for ELISAs
  • Enzyme conjugation for antibody detection
  • Plate coating
Our assay optimisation capabilities

We can support the development your ELISA assay at any stage in a project, providing bespoke services that offer the flexibility to assess the best antibody pairs for an assay, through to the full development of a commercial kit. Where relevant, we include the following parameters to ensure your assay shows the highest specificity and sensitivity:


  • Intra- and inter-assay precision
  • Normal range and diseased sample range analysis
  • Specificity/cross-reactivity with a range of related targets
  • Linearity
  • LOQ/LOD analysis
  • Parallelism studies
For more information on how we can help with your assay development, or to see our broader range of contract services, click the button below to get in touch with a member of our team: