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How can we help with your project?

While we are best known for our antigen and antibody products, our team has decades of experience in the field of native antigen and recombinant protein contract research, process development and bespoke production.

We can undertake custom projects to manufacture proteins and antigens, prepare antibodies and develop immunoassays to support a wide range of R&D needs. Our development laboratories are fully staffed by a team of PhD molecular biologists and development scientists who are able to execute projects as short as a few days, through to long-term programmes of a year or more.

Our clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from major pharmaceutical and IVD companies, to biotech startups and opinion-leading academic groups. Our track record demonstrates our ability to deliver complex and challenging customer contracts on schedule and within budget.

Honesty and transparency in our projects is a core value. Nothing hampers collaboration more than poor communication, so we have established systems to ensure that you are fully informed of the progress of your project. During a project you have direct access to the R&D team performing the work, who will provide you with regular updates on progress.


What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of laboratory services, including:

 Construct design, cloning and large-scale DNA production

 Expression of recombinant proteins and growth of native organisms

 Protein purification and analytics

+   Scale-up manufacture of highly pure proteins

+   Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody generation

+   ELISA and LFA development


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