Product Pipeline

The Native Antigen Company product pipeline reflects our specialism in the manufacture of infectious disease antigens to ensure retention of their native configuration. From initial research through to production scale-up we are focused on providing antigens which deliver real improvements to the sensitivity and specificity of serology based IVD’s, serve as effective immunogens and offer vital support in vaccine research. We specialise in  preparing recombinant proteins in our HEK293 based mammalian cell expression system, and seek to avoid the use of non-mammalian expression systems such as E. coli which often fail to give sufficient representation of the true native state (unless the protein of interest is not glycosylated in the native state).
Our current R&D pipeline includes:

  • Dengue virus serotype 1 and 3 envelope proteins
  • Dengue virus NS2/NS3 protein
  • Dengue virus NS3 and NS5 proteins
  • Mayaro virus E1 and E2 envelope proteins
  • Crimean Congo Haemorraghic Fever virus proteins
  • Yellow Fever virus envelope protein
  • Japanese Encephalitis virus protein
  • Nipah virus proteins (gF and gG)
  • Adenovirus type 40 hexon protein
  • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) proteins
  • Schmallenberg virus proteins

If any of these antigens are of interest, please get in touch to be included in our beta testing, and to be first to partner using our unique antigens.