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Adenovirus type 40

Product TypeNative
PurityCaesium chloride banded, ultrapure
StrainType 40
Protein Conc.0.5 - 1.0 mg/ml
Product CodeA40P
Vial Size100μg | 1mg

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Product Description

Adenovirus type 40

A concentrated source of inactivated highly-purified Adenovirus type 40 particles from a lysate of optimally-infected 293 cells. Purified by caesium chloride density centrifugation, this Ad40 preparation is of very high quality and minimal lot-to-lot variation.

****SHIPPING NOTIFICATION: This product is shipped at ambient temperature. Extensive stability tests have shown no negative effects on antigen performance for 7 days of shipping including several freeze/thaw cycles. Should customers desire shipment on dry ice, this can be performed for an extra fee, please get in contact with us by phone or email.****

  MSDS Ad40 purified antigen A40P