Bordetella Pertussis toxin

Bordetella pertussis FHA

Product TypeNative
Purity>98% pure by SDS-PAGE
StrainNC10739/ACTC 9797
Protein Conc.0.5 mg/ml
Product CodeBP-FHA
Vial Size50μg | 100ug | 200μg | 1000μg

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Product Description

Bordetella pertussis FHA

Filamentous haemagglutinin (FHA) is extracted from Bordetella pertussis and purified to a very high degree (>98%). A cell surface protein of Bordetella pertussis, FHA functions as an adhesin for this organism.

FHA is often used in combination with pertussis toxin for diagnostic screening purposes, whereas highly pure B. pertussis toxin alone is used predominantly for the monitoring of vaccination programmes

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