Bordetella Pertussis toxin

Bordetella pertussis toxin

Product TypeNative
Purity>98% pure by SDS-PAGE
Protein Conc.0.25 mg/ml
Product CodePT-TNL
Vial Size50ug | 100ug | 250ug | 500ug

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Product Description

Bordetella pertussis toxin

CAS number: 70323-44-3

This Bordetella pertussis toxin has been developed in response to the increasing pressure on the IVD industry to supply highly specific, cost-effective antibody capture systems, which are needed for monitoring vaccination programmes. FHA, a major cause of false results, is removed from the preparation by two rounds of chromatography. Bordetella pertussis is grown in batch culture, then the supernatant harvested and concentrated. Several rounds of chromatography are used to purify the native toxin to a very high level and with minimal lot-to-lot variation. CHO cell assays demonstrate a clustering concentration of between 0.01 and 0.005 ng/ml. The toxin is offered in lyophilized format, but is also produced in glycerol or liquid formulation depending on customer desire. Our PT-TNL-50 vials are a major seller to academic labs seeking to use pertussis toxin as a research reagent, and are also sold through large worldwide distributors.

For bulk quantities up to 100mg, we offer a liquid version of the toxin which saves the need for resuspension and also performs maximally in ELISA plate and IVD kit format.

  SDS Pertussis toxin – PT-TNL