Sheep anti-CMV pentamer

Sheep anti-CMV pentamer

Product codeAbCMV2450-500
Specificity AntibodiesCytomegalovirus pentamer
ApplicationsE (Sandwich/Direct), WB
Buffer / preservativePBS pH7.4
Vial size0.5mg
Product CodeAbCMV2450
Vial Size500μg


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Product Description

Sheep anti-CMV pentamer

The Native Antigen Company Sheep anti-CMV pentamer antibody has been raised against recombinant CMV gH pentameric complex, expressed in mammalian cells.

The Cytomegalovirus gH pentamer complex is expressed on all wildtype hCMV strains but is notably missing from laboratory strains such as AD169 (Freed et al, 2013). This has placed severe limitations on vaccine development. Receptor-mediated viral entry into endothelial cells requires a functional gH pentameric complex, and this complex is one of the primary targets for antiviral antibodies in infected individuals.

The gH complex comprises the gH, gL, UL128, UL130 and UL131 proteins.

The sheep anti-CMV pentamer antibody has been shown to react with each of the components of the pentamer in Western blotting analysis.

Full details of the Sheep anti-CMV pentamer antibody can be found on our product datasheet here.