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Cytomegalovirus Cell Lysate Antigen

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A clarified cell lysate containing a mix of native CMV antigens from all stages of the replication life cycle.

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A clarified Cytomegalovirus cell lysate antigen mix from all stages of its replication life cycle which can be used as a positive control in a broad range of immunoassays including western blotting and ELISA.



  • Human Cytomegalovirus, strain AD-169 produced in Human Foreskin Fibroblasts (HFF).
  • Clarified cell lysate in 0.5% Triton X-100, PBS.
  • Inactivation tested by passage on permissive cells for 2 weeks yielding no CPE.



Cytomegalovirus is a genus of viruses in the order Herpesvirales, in the family Herpesviridae, in the subfamily Betaherpesvirinae. Human and monkeys serve as natural hosts. There are currently eight species in this genus including the type species human herpesvirus 5. Diseases associated with HHV-5 include mononucleosis, and pneumonias. It has a diameter of approximately 120-180 nm and is an enveloped icosahedralvirus that contains a nucleocapsid and double-stranded linear DNA.

CMV is a latent infection that remains dormant inside the body and the immune system produces a large number of T cells to control the virus, making the in vitro T cell response to CMV extremely robust. CMV antigens can therefore be used to detect the T cell response to CMV and confirm the presence of the virus in different assays. Currently, there is no licensed vaccine to prevent CMV infection. Therefore, attempts to reduce the risk of cCMV infection by improving awareness, behaviour, screening, diagnosis and the treatment of symptomatic cases are the most immediate means of mitigating the health burden caused by cCMV (CDC).



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