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Japanese Encephalitis Virus NS1 Protein

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Recombinant Japanese encephalitis virus NS1 protein produced in mammalian HEK293 human cells. Protein contains a C-terminal 6x His-tag and is presented in 2 distinct oligomeric states with molecular weights of 335 kDa and 450 kDa, as determined by size exclusion chromatography. Purity greater than 95%.

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Japanese Encephalitis Virus NS1 protein is produced entirely from human cell lines using state-of-the-art expression techniques, the same approach which NAC used to develop its well-received Dengue Virus NS1 serotypes and West Nile Virus NS1 protein. Unlike other flavivirus NS1 proteins which secrete as a single hexameric form, Japanese Encephalitis Virus NS1 shows two oligomeric states in approximately equal proportion.

The NAC Japanese Encephalitis Virus NS1 protein has been manufactured in response to a need for a highly purified, concentrated protein for use in vaccine research and serological based diagnostic products. The antigen is in its native folding state, and possesses all posttranslational modifications. This advanced approach results in a product which delivers optimal antigenicity due to its human origin.



  • Recombinant Japanese Encephalitis virus NS1 protein (strain SA-14, NCBI Accession Number: P27395.1) expressed from HEK293 cells.
  • Includes amino acids 774-1146 from Wild-type NS1 protein and a C-terminal His-tag.
  • Stored in DPBS pH 7.4.
  • Suitable for immunoassay development.



Japanese encephalitis (JE) is the leading cause of viral encephalitis in Asia, with up to 70,000 cases reported annually. Case-fatality rates range from 0.3% to 60% and depend on the population and age. Outbreaks have also occurred in U.S. territories in the Western Pacific. The Japanese encephalitis virus is a flavivirus and is related to the West Nile Virus. The genome encodes several non-structural (NS) proteins and NS1 is produced in a secretory form.

****SHIPPING NOTIFICATION: All NS1 products are shipped at ambient temperature. Extensive stability tests have shown no negative effects on antigen performance for 7 days of shipping. Should customers desire shipment on dry ice, this can be performed for an extra fee, please get in contact with us by phone or email.****

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