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Yellow Fever Virus Vaccine Serum: Vaccination Time-Course Panel

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Yellow Fever Virus Vaccine Serum triple pack of samples from an individual who was immunised with the Yellow Fever vaccine Stamaril (17D strain). The first vial is a pre-bleed sample, taken one week before the immunisation. The second vial is an “IgM” vial, taken 2 weeks post immunisation. The third vial is an “IgG” vial taken 6 weeks post immunisation.

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We are pleased to make available of a unique panel of Yellow Fever Virus donor serum, from a panel of donors immunised with the Yellow Fever vaccine, Stamaril. Samples are available from each donor prior to vaccination, and at 2-week and 6-week time points, to allow for assessment of IgM and IgG responses across broad response profiles.

Details of each donor, including gender, age and travel history are available, together with test results showing serum binding to YFV NS1 antigen. When ordering, please select the donors that you require material from using this product listing, and provide this information on your purchase order.

Product code SER71205 contains samples of Yellow Fever Virus donor serum collected pre-vaccination, at 2 weeks post-vaccination, and 6 weeks post-vaccination, for detailed analysis of IgM and IgG vaccine responses.   Individual sera are available using product codes SER71200 (pre-vaccination), SER71201 (2 weeks post-vaccination) and SER71202 (6 weeks post-vaccination).

YFV sera are appropriate for use as diagnostic immunoassay controls and in vaccine R&D, for both YFV assays and to investigate assay cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses.

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