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ELISA Development

ELISA development at The Native Antigen Company is driven by a team with over 30 years of experience in plate-based assay techniques and a comprehensive range of formats. We strive to consistently provide robust and reproducible assays to your specifications and timelines, and work closely with our customers to meet their specific requirements and ensure a bespoke service that fits their needs.

Developing Your Assay

We provide a bespoke assay development service that offers the flexibility to assess the best antibody pair for an assay, through to the full development of a commercial kits. When relevant, we can include the following parameters:

  • Intra- and inter-assay precision
  • Normal range and diseased sample range analysis
  • Specificity/cross-reactivity with a range of related targets
  • Linearity
  • LOQ/LOD analysis
  • Parallelism studies

We can support the development of your ELISA assay from any stage in a project. If you already have an antigen and complementary antibodies available, we can use these to identify best-matched pairs and determine their performance in an ELISA.

However, if your concept is at a much earlier stage, then we can prepare your antigens, raise your antibodies, and use these to develop specific ELISA assays to meet your needs. Using natively-folded and glycosylated proteins from our mammalian expression system gives our team the edge in developing effective ELISA assays. Our capabilities include:

  • Custom antigen production
  • Antibody raising using custom antigen as immunogen (mAbs and pAbs)
  • Antigen/antibody pair optimisation in ELISA
  • Conjugation to enzymes for detection antibodies
  • Plate coating
“We have used The Native Antigen Company to develop a number of new ELISA immunoassays for our product portfolio – their expertise, advice and flexible approach has been invaluable to us.”

– S.S.

” Your service was great, I was in touch with Jackie and she was helpful and quick to respond. We are developing new diagnostic platform, the first step is using recombinant proteins and antibodies sets. So far your products produce very good results. “

– Yehudit M.

Thank you for the information. We really appreciate the work Native Antigen company have done and data you have shared with us as we try to troubleshoot the assay disconnect. We now have an idea where is the disconnect and we will be going back to the drawing board to try and figure out how to proceed

– Ben

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