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High Quality Human Coronavirus Nucleoproteins

The Native Antigen Company offers a range of Nucleoproteins for the epidemic and endemic human coronaviruses, suitable for the development of high quality immunoassays. These proteins have been produced in mammalian and E. coli expression systems, and are highly purified by a range of techniques. Some of our Nucleoproteins also include His-tags for ease of purification or immobilisation on surfaces for detection in immunoassays.

As nearly all vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 target the Spike protein, Nucleoprotein is a popular antigen for the development of diagnostics that can distinguish vaccine-induced immune responses from those that have occurred due to natural infection. Nucleoprotein is also commonly used in the development of immunoassays that detect acute and historic coronavirus infections. Endemic HCoV Nucleoproteins are especially useful for IVD manufacturers as controls for validating assay specificity.

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