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Influenza Virus Lysates

The Native Antigen Company now offers an extended range of native lysates for the influenza A and B viruses. Our lysates are produced from influenza viruses cultured in mammalian cells and are purified by density gradient centrifugation and disrupted in detergent. Inactivation is then verified using tissue culture infectivity assays.

Our influenza virus lysates can be used in a range of applications, including as immunogens, sources for purification of viral proteins, or as controls in the development of highly specific immunoassays. For more information, click the buttons below:

Our Influenza A Virus Lysates

Our Influenza B Virus Lysates


By Holge Hannemann, Director of Research, The Native Antigen Company Influenza viruses A and B are a major public health concern, mainly affecting the pharynx, trachea, and sometimes the lungs of millions of people worldwide each year, with symptoms that range from...

Influenza antigens for Northern Hemisphere’s 2023-2024 flu season

Most recent figures published by UK Health Security Agency show that the 2022/2023 Influenza season has been worse than any of the past surveillance periods (GOV.UK, 2023), see Figure 1 (below). High level of Influenza incidence...

The Native Antigen Company introduces new range of influenza antigens

Season-specific Haemagglutinin and Neuraminidase antigens will support vaccine and diagnostic reformulation programmes New range developed to cover 2023 southern hemisphere flu season Oxford, UK, 14 November 2022: The Native Antigen Company (part of LGC Clinical...

The Yearly Race for an Influenza Vaccine and the Role of Reagents

In this blog, we explain how seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines are developed, manufactured and validated, and introduce our contract services for the rapid development of custom influenza reagents.The Influenza Viruses: A Quick Recap The influenza viruses are...