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Marburg Virus Envelope Glycoprotein Now Available

The Native Antigen Company now offers Marburg virus Envelope Glycoprotein, for research and the development of diagnostics and vaccines. We also offer a broad range of antigens and antibodies for the Marburg and Ebola viruses, including an Ebola virus-like particle, Nucleoproteins and VP40, as well as various monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. For more information on these products, please click the buttons below:

Marburg Virus Envelope Glycoprotein

The Marburg virus (MARV) Envelope Glycoprotein (GP) is a transmembrane protein that protrudes from the surface of MARV virions, where it plays a critical role in mediating receptor recognition and entry to target cells. GP is translated at the rough endoplasmic reticulum, where it hijacks the secretory pathway, crossing the endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, and trans-Golgi network to reach the plasma membrane, where it is incorporated into budding viral particles.

Marburg Virus Envelope Glycoprotein Diagram

As GP passes through the trans-Golgi network, it is acylated, glycosylated and proteolytically cleaved by furin into two subunits, GP1 and GP2, which assemble together at the membrane to form the functional GP protein. In addition to GP and these two subunits, multiple other forms of protein are produced during infection, the functions of which are not yet clear.

The Native Antigen Company now offers Marburg virus Envelope Glycoprotein, presented as a mix of uncleaved GP and cleaved GP1 and GP2 subunits, as shown by SDS-PAGE. Expressed from our proprietary HEK293 expression system, these proteins are fully acylated and glycosylated to ensure proper folding and presentation of native epitopes. For more information on this product, click the button below:

In addition to our MARV GP, we also offer six anti-MARV monoclonal mouse antibodies, suitable for the development of ELISAs and Western blotsFor more information on this product, click the button below:

Ebola Virus Reagents

We also offer Ebola virus (EBOV) antigens and antibodies for the ZaireSudan and Bundibugyo strains. Our EBOV range includes Envelope Glycoproteins (including GP, GP1 and sGP)NucleoproteinsVP40 and  virus-like particles, containing GP, NP and VP40 antigens. For more information on these products, click the buttons below:

Ebola Antibody Immunostain

Immunostain using PAB21440 of HeLa cells expressing EBOV GP

Ebola Antibody Immunostain

Immunostain using PAB21440 of HeLa cells expressing EBOV VP40