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Zika virus immunoassays

Our range of Zika virus immunoassays provide cutting-edge sensitivity and specificity, both for antigen detection and for serological studies.

These kits are developed using novel assay formats, and incorporate our proprietary flavivirus proteins to ensure the ultimate performance.

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  • Zika Antibody Assay Kit

    Zika Virus Total Antibody Detection Assay Development Kit

    The Native Antigen Company Zika virus total antibody assay development kit is designed to aid in the development of assays for the detection of Zika-specific antibodies in human serum. It is minimally cross-reactive with antibodies to Dengue virus (a closely-related flavivirus), and so can be used to develop assays which can distinguish human anti-Zika antibodies from other flavivirus and infectious disease antibodies, especially in epidemiological studies. Use of a Zika antibody assay is intended for detection of IgG in convalescent sera, although IgM/IgA are also detected earlier on in the infection cycle.

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