Dengue virus NS1 protein all 4 serotypes

Dengue Virus NS1 protein serotypes 1-4

Product TypeMammalian recombinant, his-tagged
Purity>95% pure by SDS-PAGE
StrainAll 4
Protein Conc.0.5 mg/ml
Product CodeDENVX4-NS1
Vial Size4 x 100μg | 4 x 500μg

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Product Description

Dengue Virus NS1 protein all 4 serotypes

Dengue Virus 1 NS1 proteins have been manufactured in response to the unmet need for highly purified, concentrated proteins for use in vaccine development (including use as an immunogen) and serological based diagnostic assays. Dengue Virus NS1 proteins are engineered in human cell lines using state-of-the-art expression techniques.

The resultant hexameric presentation is believed to be the biologically active form of NS1 involved in key aspects of dengue pathogenesis. Dengue Virus NS1 proteins are purified to a high degree, are in their native folding state, and possess all post-translational modifications. This advanced approach results in a product which delivers optimal antigenicity due to its human origin.

With more than one-third of the world’s population living in areas at risk of transmission, dengue infection is a leading cause of illness and death in the tropics and subtropics (ref WHO for Guidelines for Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention & Control, 2009) As many as 100 million people are infected yearly. Dengue is caused by any one of four related viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. There are no vaccines available to prevent infection with dengue virus.

NAC’s Dengue Virus 1 NS1 proteins has been well received by a wide number of researchers. The proteins are endorsed by the Division of Infectious Disease & Vaccinology at the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Eva Harris states: “For several of our dengue research projects at the University of California, Berkeley, we had been searching for purified DENV NS1 protein from all four serotypes which could offer the advantage of being derived from a mammalian expression system. In our hands, NAC’s DENV NS1 proteins have performed extremely well in a range of applications and have helped advance our research program

Dengue Virus NS1 protein all 4 serotypes

Dengue Virus NS1 protein serotypes 1-4 has been prepared in response to many customers requesting a combination pack for the purchase of all 4 Dengue Virus NS1 serotypes. We now offer a convenient multi-pack in which 1 vial of each serotype NS1 protein is included with a 15% discount on the price compared to ordering the products individually. This Dengue Virus NS1 protein serotypes 1-4 pack is ideal for cross-reactivity screening and other such experiments. Each pack contains:

1 vial of DENV1-NS1 from strain Nauru/Western Pacific/1974
1 vial of DENV2-NS1 from strain Thailand/16681/84
1 vial of DENV3-NS1 from strain Sri Lanka D3/H/IMTSSA-SRI/2000/1266
1 vial of DENV4-NS1 from strain Dominica/814669/1981

We also have available a non-dengue Flavivirus pack available for specificity screening, please see product FLAVX4-NS1

****SHIPPING NOTIFICATION: All NS1 products are shipped at ambient temperature. Extensive stability tests have shown no negative effects on antigen performance for 7 days of shipping including several freeze/thaw cycles. Should customers desire shipment on dry ice, this can be performed for an extra fee, please get in contact with us by phone or email.****