Flavivirus NS1 protein pack

Flavivirus NS1 protein pack

Product TypeMammalian recombinant, his-tagged
Purity>95% pure by SDS-PAGE
Protein Conc.0.5 mg/ml
Product CodeFLAVX4-NS1
Vial Size4 x 100ug | 4 x 500ug

From: $1,196.60


Product Description

Flavivirus NS1 protein pack

There is a very high level of structural similarity between all members of the flavivirus family. This can result in serological tests to detect patient IgM and IgG responses giving inaccurate results. This has been particularly highlighted during the recent Zika virus outbreak in South America, where difficulties have been experienced in differentiating Zika virus infection from that with other flaviviruses.

The need to screen Dengue virus and Zika virus NS1 kits for cross-reactivity against other flavivirus NS1 proteins has driven the creation of the flavivirus NS1 protein pack. These packs contain a vial from each of the other four important flavivirus NS1’s (Yellow Fever Virus, West Nile Virus, Japanese Encephalitis Virus and Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus).

The flavivirus NS1 protein pack  is perfect for creating an immediate screening capability for antibody cross-reactivity against multiple flavivirus NS1 proteins, all correctly folded and glycosylated to represent the native state. The flavivirus NS1 protein pack represents excellent value, with a 15% discount relative to purchasing each of the NS1 proteins separately.

Each pack contains 1 vial each of YFV-NS1 from strain 17D,  WNV-NS1 from strain NY99, JEV-NS1 from strain SA-14 and TBEV-NS1 from strain Neudoerfl.  We also have a dengue pack available which contains all four dengue serotypes of NS1, please see product DENVX4-NS1.

****SHIPPING NOTIFICATION: All NS1 products are shipped at ambient temperature. Extensive stability tests have shown no negative effects on antigen performance for 7 days of shipping including several freeze/thaw cycles. Should customers desire shipment on dry ice, this can be performed for an extra fee, please get in contact with us by phone or email.****