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Mouse Anti-Flavivirus Envelope Protein Antibody (4G2)

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Mouse monoclonal antibody specific for flavivirus Envelope protein (clone 4G2).

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Mouse anti Flavivirus Envelope protein antibody (4G2) binds to a conserved epitope on the E protein of the flavivirus family. It has been shown to recognise Dengue virus, West Nile virus, Japanese Encephalitis virus and Zika Virus (Aubry et al. 2016). It binds to the fusion loop at the extremity of domain II of E protein and prevents syncytia formation (Summers, 1989). The epitope is highly conserved amongst flaviviridae and has been functionally analyzed in detail by Crill and Chang (2004)

This antibody has been tested on Dengue VLPs produced by the Native Antigen Company, and shown to bind effectively to these in ELISA assay. The antibody has been shown to work in Western blotting, neutralisation and flow cytometric applications.



  • Mouse anti-Flavivirus Envelope protein IgG2a monoclonal antibody (4G2).
  • Greater than 95% purity by SDS-PAGE and buffered in PBS, pH7.4.



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