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Mouse IgG2a Isotype control antibody:Biotin (HOPC-1)

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Mouse IgG2a Isotype control antibody:Biotin (clone HOPC-1)

Mouse IgG2a isotype control antibody is supplied as a purified monoclonal antibody conjugated to biotin. The antibody is suitable for use as a negative control in a wide range of applications.

Isotype controls are a type of negative control designed to measure the level of non-specific background signal caused by primary antibodies. The background signal is often the result of immunoglobulins binding non-specifically to Fc receptors present on the cell surface. For example, antibodies raised in mice may bind to some human cells regardless of the test antibody specificity, in a manner related to the isotype of the antibody being used. In these cases you need an isotype control of the same isotype as the test antibody to provide a relevant control for non-specific binding.


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