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Contract and Custom Services

With decades of experience in the field of native antigen and recombinant protein production, and assay development, The Native Antigen Company is able to undertake a wide range of custom projects on your behalf.

Our clients include a diverse range of backgrounds, from major pharmaceutical and IVD companies, to start-up biotechnology companies and opinion-leading academic groups. Our track record demonstrates our ability to deliver complex and challenging customer contracts on schedule and within budget.

Honesty and transparency in our projects is a core value. Nothing hampers collaboration more than poor communication, so we have established systems to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the progress of their project. During a project you have direct access to the R&D team performing the work, who will provide regular updates on progress.

Protein expression services

We have developed a proprietary mammalian cell protein production system, based on suspension-adapted HEK 293 cells. With a batch capacity of up to 80L, we are able to perform custom expression projects to produce recombinant proteins with human folding and glycosylation. This system is ideal for complex folded and glycosylated proteins, viral proteins and cancer antigens.

For projects where glycosylation is not required we offer expression in bacterial systems, and also have insect systems available so that we can choose the best system for your particular protein.

Protein Purification

Our protein and antigen purification experience is usually linked to our protein expression services, but can just as easily be applied to your own material.

Our purification suite includes state-of-the-art equipment, and access to a range of chromatographic techniques, including affinity chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography and hydrophobic interaction chromatography

ELISA Development

ELISA assay development at The Native Antigen Company is supported by a team with more than 30 years experience in ELISA assay development.

We can support you through the development of your ELISA assay from any stage. If you already have an antigen and antibodies available we will be pleased to use these to identify the best matched pairs, and to determine their performance in ELISA.

However, if your idea is at a much earlier stage we can prepare your antigens, raise your antibodies, and then use these to develop ELISA assays to meet your requirements.

Lateral Flow Assay Development

Lateral Flow assay development at The Native Antigen Company is undertaken by a specialist team, with experience in working on some of the highest volume lateral flow assays in the world.

Developing a lateral flow assay is a complex process, and is not necessarily a simple process of transferring an assay from an existing ELISA. An understanding of antibody selection, along with knowledge of how the assays components can affect your results are all key factors.

Alongside our capability for preparing antigens and antibodies, we can offer a full lateral flow device development service.


Antibody generation

To complement our protein expression and immunoassay services, we also offer antibody generation packages.

We can prepare monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies for your projects, using the same systems used for our own catalogue reagents. Should you need to conjugate your antibodies, chimerise them or even undertake sub-class switching, we can help with that as well!

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