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Antibody Generation

Utilise our expertise in antibody generation to develop high-quality and target-specific polyclonal, monoclonal or engineered antibodies. We strive to not only provide best-in-class services, but offer custom solutions that can meet your bespoke requirements.

Developing Your Antibody

Our antibody generation services provide you with the option of generating polyclonal, monoclonal and engineered antibodies. We firstly arrange a consultation with one of our expert team members and advise on the process that offers you the best chance of raising an antibody that performs to your desired specifications. After successful completion of a project we can offer a range of additional services, including storage of bulk antibody, hybridoma banking, bulk antibody production, conjugation of the antibody to enzymes or fluorochromes and a range of antibody engineering options including chimerisation.

If you need assistance in preparing antigens for immunisation and screening, we also offer bespoke protein expression services.

“Thank you for the quick turn around. As always great to work with you guys!.”

– Stephen P.

“Your dengue antigen is beautiful!”

– Dave L.

“Wow! You are fast! Thank you so much for your assistance.”

– Shimon

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