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Protein Purification

The Native Antigen Company is a leading provider of native and recombinant protein expression services. Our highly-qualified team brings a wealth of experience in utilising a broad range of purification methods to achieve maximal protein purity and consistency.

Purifying Your Protein

Purifying your protein of interest will begin with a discussion about your specific requirements, which may include functional protein purity, enzymatic activity, removal of specific contaminants or the use of bespoke buffers. Following consultation, we work with our customers to develop a thorough strategy for purification.

Our column chromatography suite includes state-of-the-art AKTA equipment and a full range of chromatography techniques that include affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, size exclusion chromatography and hydrophobic interaction chromatography. Our purification methods are supported by a range of supplementary analytical techniques, including SDS-PAGE, Western Blot and ELISA.

“The purity of my custom expressed proteins, developed using a number of different tagging systems, has always been excellent.”

– Peter Laing, CEO, Excivion Ltd

“Thank you so much for all the useful information! Believe it or not it’s actually very refreshing to talk to someone who really knows about the science behind the products, and who is able to give genuine advice on reagents best suited to a given study. I really appreciate your help on this, so really no need to apologise for going into so much detail! I think the CMV-HP reagent would be perfect for us to start with.

– Anya

“Both the service received and the quality of​ products are excellent. Thanks so much for your help with the quote and purchase. Will contact you in the future.”

– Wei-Kung

Zika - development of mature VLPs

Preparation of mature Zika Virus-like particles for EM analysis, developed from our catalogue product for a specific customer requirement

Mutated Dengue Envelope proteins

Development of site-directed mutants of Dengue virus envelope proteins in support of vaccine R&D

Expression and purification of intracellular protein

Preparation of highly purified, bioactive protein, to support oncology clinical trials

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